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The TrackMan Story


It started with a question. Could we track a golf ball? It was just one question. But since 2003, there have been so many more. And that relentless desire to seek, to probe, to test and to push has remained at the heart of the company philosophy. That’s why our technology leads the industry. With solutions across golf and innovation in baseball, soccer and American football too, we’ve changed how sports are played, taught and viewed on live broadcast. We’ve changed the game.


We produce state-of-the-art hardware platforms and deliver improvements across tracking algorithms and front-end applications that are radically innovative and strikingly meaningful. Only when hardware is fully exhausted do we launch a new generation platform in the journey. When we do, we make sure it’s right.



Our products are used by a very wide audience including professional athletes, amateurs, casual players, business owners, equipment manufacturers and the PGA Tour. In effect, we help players of all levels unleash their potential.

Golf is the primary business segment, but we also have excellent solutions in baseball, American football, soccer and tennis. We even helped competitors at The Tokyo Olympics use data to analyze and better their performance in the hammer throw and shot put.

As a consequence, we have changed the way technology is used in sports today. From how professionals and amateurs train and take lessons, to the development and fitting of equipment, to the way sports are played, taught and enjoyed on television.

But we also want to take technology to everyone across data-led sports and have already made golf a game that can be enjoyed by anyone through our Driving Range and Indoor solutions. The adherence to excellence that ensures we are trusted by the best is still central to our philosophy. And we’re using our technology to take fun to a broader audience.

We’ll continue to ask the questions. And if it is within the laws of physics, we’ll look to find the answers.

TrackMan Mission